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The Laptop Key Store, Missing a Laptop Key? Get one here!

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We sell only Original Laptop Keyboard Replacement Keys

Orders are shipped Worldwide within 24 hours of payments

Now you don't have to buy a whole Keyboard just because of a few missing keys! Replace the Key, not the keyboard and save a bundle in the process.

It is easier than you think and you don't have to worry about tearing up your laptop trying to replace a new expensive keyboard. You are replacing a key for a fraction of the cost and we provide written instructions with each key kit and offer optional downloadable Installation Guides to help you do the job right. 

We have turned a technical chore into a simple two step process by identifying laptop keys so that you can easily find your Retainer Clip from our list and visually match it with the one on your keyboard. You do not need to know your laptop keyboard number because you aren't spending big bucks replacing a whole keyboard.

We are the original laptop key replacement seller in the US having sold over 10,000 key kits to date with full satisfaction from our customers. We guarantee that you will get the key kit that you have paid for regardless of the reason including lost or damaged by USPS during shipment. Our customer service is second to none. Each Key Kit comes with a new key cap, retainer clip, rubber spring cup and printed instructions. 

Save: over 50% off our Regular Retail

Free Shipping on all multiple orders

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